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Here at Windsor Emergency Services, Inc. we strive for perfection with each and every 911 call in Windsor, NY and the surounding area.

About Us

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4 Academy Street

PO Box 434

Windsor, NY 13865



About Us


Windsor Emergency Services, Inc. is a non-profit ambulance agency that provides EMS coverage to the residents and visitors of Windsor, NY and it's neighboring communities. Many don't know that we have no affiliation with the Windsor Fire Company since 2012. (besides our address of course) Windsor Emergency Services, Inc. or "WESI" for short is a combination ambulance agency; meaning we are a volunteer organization but also use paid providers to fill the gaps left by busy volunteers.

WESI is called to respond to a multitude of incidnets each year. Our Ambulance not only responds to medcial calls. We also respond to motor vehicle crashes, house fires, searches, and many more. W work very closly with the Fire Departments inside out primary coverge area, including Windsor Fire, West Windsor Fire, Ouaquaga Fire, and Great Bend Fire. We also work closely with Deposit Fire and EMS on a regular basis.

Here at WESI pride our selves in prividing the best possible care and most promt transport of all of our patients. We treat all of our patients as if they are our neighbors and family, because they are! We make this possible by responding from the within the community, cutting down the wiat time for an ambulance in an emergency and operating and the highest level. Windsor Windsor Emergency Services, Inc. is a PAramedic level ambulance agency capable of adminstering life saving medication and performing life saving interventions.